Bird Bath at Home Depot – Make Your Own Bird Bath

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You can create your own bird bath very readily. A cheap electric fountain engine set in a large flower pot will attract various kinds of birds, together with the sound of running water, such as warblers.

A small fountain motor may also be cheaply purchased for under $20. Based on how far from the nearest power outlet you would like to set the bath, you might also require an outdoor electric extension cable.

You’ll have to provide somewhere for the birds to perch, so we would suggest putting a chicken wire across the top of the pot and putting some medium sized ornamental stones in addition to the chicken wire for perches. You’ll need some wire cutters to expand a hole for the power cable to match.

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An alternate is a pot with a hole in the base that the power cable can undergo. You’ll have to then fill up the remainder of the hole around the cable with plumber’s putty to prevent water leakage.

Do make sure to wash out the bath once a month and replace the water. Put the fountain at a visible place so that you can enjoy the birds coming and going but attempt to present nearby shelter such as trees or shrubs that birds can easily move to if a predator is in the area.

Birds need bathing and drinking water just as much as they want food. Birds are drawn to the sound of running water. A bird bath is a wonderful way to attract a larger number of birds to your backyard. A leaking hose or a trickle of water flowing into a skillet with gravel at the floor will do the job. An old bucket using a triangular piece of fabric pulled via a drip hole and hung over a classic skillet will do as well as an elaborate pool. Another cheap option is to purchase an electric fountain engine from a hardware store such as Home Depot and place it in an a large plant pot with a few stones at the bottom.

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