Cat Bed Baby Bea Scalloped Cat Bed Review

Baby Bea Scalloped Cat Bed

Baby Bea is a charming collection designed especially for the most inquisitive of kittens, the softest fabrics and the cutest of flourishes make this range perfect for cuddly and curious felines everywhere. Playtime isn’t only a chance to have lots of fun, it’s also essential for a kitten’s healthy development, adult cats play according to their individual characteristics or rather their instinctive response to the world around them. It’s hard to know what kittens are going to like the most so it’s important to allow them to explore and experiment with a variety of textures, colours, shapes and movements so they can discover which they like best. That’s why we offer a wide variety of kitten toys for them to enjoy and we’re sure that you’ll both have lots of fun along the journey! The Snuggle Bed is a warm and cosy safe haven for your cat to chill out and relax after a hard day of causing mayhem, with ample space to stretch and sleep your kitty will be sure to thank you for this fleece lined hideaway. Ensure this product is suitable for your pet and always supervise during play; this product is not indestructible so for your pet’s safety, examine the item regularly for wear and tear and replace at first signs of damage or if parts become detached. This product is suitable for cats and kittens. Approximate Dimensions (Product): 16 x 35 x 30cm