Cat Bed Catipilla High Plate Wall Mounted Cat Bed Review

Catipilla High Plate Wall Mounted Cat Bed

Catipilla designs high quality, contemporary cat climbing units for use both inside and outside the home, their modular range makes great use of vertical wall space and appeals to a cat’s natural instincts to rest, observe and relax in safe spaces. The Catipilla High Plate is a modern cat bed that acts as an elevated vantage point, allowing cats to keep watch over the surrounding area. The High Plate provides cat’s with a private and stress-free sanctuary, away from any disturbance. Suitable for cats of all ages and breeds. Make sure to examine cat furniture regularly for wear and tear, you should replace at first signs of damage or if any parts become detached. Made with 85% Recycled Materials. Approximate Dimensions (Product): 8 x 68.4 x 32.5cm