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If you have cats, you understand they could be super picky about their bathroom practices. So, if you up want to avoid cleaning, ahem, messes on a daily basis, it’s important to find the right litter containers for your cat (or cats). The type of box, as well as its size, shape and even location in your own home can make or break your cat’s bathroom behaviors. That’s why we’ve rounded in the best cat litter containers, in a number of sizes, shapes and budgets.

Keep in mind: The amount of litter boxes in your house should equal the amount of cats, plus one. So, if you have one cat, you’ll need two litter boxes; if you have three cats, you’ll need 4 litter boxes; etc. You can supplement a pricey litter box with several more affordable options always, but your cat might not approve.

Read on to find out about our top picks for best litter boxes, and that means you can choose the best option for your feline friends.

cat litter box tote

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