Selkirk Rex Cat

About Selkirk Rex The Selkirk Rex is mild and sociable. He’s affectionate and likes to cuddle, making him a good selection for households with older youngsters, different pets or frequent visitors. Assuming he was properly socialized as a kitten, he generally is a good traveler and might make a wonderful remedy cat. The Selkirk is […]

Russian Blue Cat

About Russian Blue The Russian Blue and the Nebelung share the identical affectionate however reserved temperament and undemanding nature. That doesn’t imply they will get by with none consideration, however they gained’t thoughts if you must go off to work to earn cash for cat meals and toys. They do like consistency, nonetheless. Neglect to […]

Norwegian Forest Cat

About Norwegian Forest Cat Meet the official cat of Norway. In his native nation, he’s often called the “skogkatt,” which implies “forest cat,” so when this cat got here to North America, he was given the title Norwegian Forest Cat. That’s a mouthful, so he’s affectionately known as the “Wegie.” He resembles the Maine Coon […]

Ocicat Cat

About Ocicat A cat lover’s favourite daydream is to have a wild cat as a companion. Their grace, energy, dimension and sweetness are nearly irresistible, though smart individuals know they might be unimaginable to dwell with. The Ocicat was created to be a solution to that want. He isn’t wild in any respect — he’s […]

Cornish Rex Cat

About Cornish Rex The Cornish Rex isn’t the sufferer of a hair stylist experimenting with everlasting wave answer. His delicate, quick, wavy coat is the product of a spontaneous pure mutation, a not unusual prevalence on the planet of cats. The primary recognized Cornish Rex, named for his coat’s resemblance to that of a rex […]

LaPerm Cat

About LaPerm The LaPerm seems as if he caught his paw in a lightweight socket and obtained a shock, however his curly coat is the results of a pure genetic mutation, under no circumstances uncommon on the earth of cats. The LaPerm could also be born bald or shorthaired, together with his wavy or ringleted […]