Turkish Angora Cat

About Turkish Angora In his homeland, the Turkish Angora is taken into account a nationwide treasure, and it’s simple to see why. Nice-boned and stylish, with a wedge-shaped head, an extended silky coat and a plumed tail, this cat is commonly described as ballerina-like. By no means assume that he’s delicate, although. The Angora has […]

Siberian Cat

About Siberian As befits a cat from northern Russia, the Siberian wears a powerful fur coat that not solely protects him from the weather but in addition provides him a glamorous look that belies his light good nature. The semilonghair is the nationwide cat of Russia and solely made his method to North America prior […]

Ragamuffin Cat

About Ragamuffin Don’t confuse the Ragamuffin together with his cousin the Ragdoll. The 2 are separate breeds, though little is thought concerning the improvement of the Ragamuffin. He was most likely created by crossing longhaired breeds comparable to Turkish Angoras, Persians, Birmans and longhaired home cats. The Ragamuffin may as effectively be lined with Velcro. […]

Pixiebob Cat

About Pixiebob Massive, energetic and outgoing, the Pixiebob’s devotion to his folks belies his considerably wild look. He loves spending time together with his household, and it’s commonplace for him to be taught to stroll on a leash or chase after a toy and convey it again. He likes to be within the middle of […]

Tonkinese Cat

About Tonkinese A variety of cat breeds have been created utilizing the Siamese as a base after which crossing him with different breeds to herald desired traits, corresponding to new colours, patterns or hair lengths. The Tonkinese is one such mix, created by crossing Siamese and Burmese. The outgoing, energetic and playful Tonkinese has a […]

British Shorthair Cat

About British Shorthair The British Shorthair is a examine in roundness. He has a big spherical head, spherical eyes and rounded paws. Even his tail has a rounded tip. He was as soon as often called the British Blue as a result of he got here solely in that coloration, however today his brief, plush […]