American Shorthair Cat

About American Shorthair Most of us have both lived with or come throughout a home shorthair, a cat that intently resembles the pedigreed American Shorthair. The one distinction between the 2 breeds: In contrast to home shorthairs, which are available in a wide range of appears to be like, the American Shorthair produces kittens with […]

Abyssinian Cat

About Abyssinian The assured and alert Abyssinian is considered one of many oldest cat breeds. Though he resembles a small African wildcat, he’s a home feline via and thru. The six- to 10-pound, reasonably vocal cat stands out for his ticked coat, which is available in a bevy of colours, together with a reddish ruddy, […]

Devon Rex Cat

About Devon Rex The Devon Rex is usually mentioned to resemble a pixie, and if something about folklore, that pixies are mischievous little troublemakers. The Devon is extremely clever and extremely energetic. Count on him to be perched in your shoulder, at your aspect, or in your lap, avidly supervising all the pieces you do. […]

Ragdoll Cat

About Ragdoll The massive, affectionate Ragdoll goes limp with pleasure once you cuddle him in your arms, the trait that led to his title. He’s a giant kitty, with males ranging as much as 20 kilos, females barely smaller, beginning at 10 kilos and going as much as 15 kilos. The Ragdoll gazes up at […]

Burmese Cat

About Burmese The Burmese is an outgoing and entertaining cat who loves individuals. When he’s not exhibiting off his athletic abilities by leaping to the best spot within the room, he’s snuggling in a lap or carrying on a dialog in a voice that’s variously described as raspy, rumbling and gentle. He’s a prepared playmate […]

Exotic Shorthair Cat

About Exotic Shorthair If you happen to love the look of the Persian however can’t face the considered day by day grooming, take into account the Unique Shorthair. Developed by way of crosses between Persians and American Shorthairs, plus Burmese and Russian Blues, he has the look of the Persian however with a brief, plush, […]