Toyger Cat

About Toyger The lion will be the king of beasts, however the tiger is arguably essentially the most majestic of the large cats. Sadly, tigers are extremely endangered, and it appears as if little will be carried out to cease their slide towards extinction. However breeder Judy Sugden and different cat breeders who adopted her […]

Korat Cat

About Korat Need to make Girl Luck your pal? Meet the Korat, an emblem of excellent fortune in his native Thailand. And it’s simple to see why. His blue-gray fur glistens like silver, his brilliant inexperienced eyes symbolize prosperity, and his heart-shaped face is claimed to carry happiness to brides.. Historical past Korat This silvery-blue magnificence […]

Turkish Van Cat

About Turkish Van My plush coat appears like cashmere, however I’m not a goat. I wish to swim however I’m not a seal. What am I? Why, a Turkish Van, after all. In his homeland, the attractive, semilonghaired Turkish Van is taken into account a regional treasure, for good cause. He stands out for his […]

Birman Cat

About Birman The Birman is just like the Siamese of Thailand, however he has a stockier physique, white ft, and a protracted, silken coat that is available in all pointed colours, together with chocolate and lilac. He’s thought of a medium- to large-sized cat, weighing between seven and 12 kilos.. Historical past Birman The Sacred Cat […]

Singapura Cat

About Singapura Even the smallest feline is a masterpiece, mentioned Leonardo da Vinci. The Singapura is proof of that fact. Identified for being the smallest of the home cats (4 to seven kilos), this one-time Singapore avenue cat is taken into account a residing nationwide treasure by that nation-state’s authorities. He’s famous for his massive […]

American Wirehair Cat

About American Wirehair This cat’s coat could also be wired, however his persona will not be. The American Wirehair tends to be a relaxed and tolerant cat who takes life because it comes. His favourite passion is bird-watching from a sunny windowsill, and his searching potential will stand you in good stead if bugs enter […]