Li Hua Cat

About Li Hua This engaging cat has a large, diamond-shaped head and enormous, almond-shaped eyes of inexperienced (most popular), yellow or brown. He’s sturdy with a powerful physique, huge paws and muscular tail. A tiny black spot on the nook of the mouth extends the road of the mouth, giving the impression that the cat […]

American Bobtail Cat

About American Bobtail He may need a little bit of a wild expression, however at coronary heart the American Bobtail is a confident, affectionate cat who loves his household and is pleasant towards visitors if he has been effectively socialized. He is an effective selection for households with older youngsters who will deal with him […]

Burmilla Cat

About Burmilla The Burmilla is the results of an “oops” breeding between a Burmese and a Chinchilla Persian, therefore the lovable title. First created in 1981, he earned recognition as a breed in 1987, a comparatively quick ascension up the cat breed ladder of creation.. Historical past Burmilla When Bambino Lilac Fabergé, a lilac Burmese, escaped […]

Munchkin Cat

About Munchkin If you see the Munchkin shifting at excessive velocity, cornering round your eating room desk, you instantly drop any preconception that this can be a sluggish or laid-back cat. As an alternative, he’s an brisk extrovert, prepared and prepared to play with youngsters, different cats, and pleasant canines. And don’t suppose his quick […]

Havana Brown Cat

About Havana Brown The Havana Brown’s fur resembles the wrapping of a advantageous Cuban cigar — or so the story goes about how the cat obtained his title. Quite a lot of cat breeds have been created by crossing the Siamese with different breeds to herald desired traits, corresponding to new colours, patterns, or hair […]

Aegean Cat

About Aegean Cat You probably have ever vacationed on the Greek islands of Andros, Delos, Mykonos, Naxos or Santorini, you might have observed these medium-sized, semilonghaired cats hanging round fishing boats, resting within the shade of a restaurant chair or sunning themselves on a balcony.. Historical past Aegean Cat Aegean Cats doubtless return many millennia. Archaeologists […]