Do Hummingbirds Use Bird Baths? Here The Fact

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While they do not use them as often as some other birds such as goldfinches, jays, robins, and others, hummingbirds certainly do use birdbaths!

They do still need water to wash, but to wash the sticky residue off their feathers and maintain their plumage in prime condition for insulation and efficient flight. Savvy backyard birders will offer decent water resources for hummingbirds and benefit from the chance to watch these tiny birds bathe and preen on warm summer days.

The Way to Offer Water for Hummingbirds

A normal bird bath is too big and deep to be acceptable for hummingbirds. As these birds are so small, they require a lot shallower water supply, and in actuality, a bird bath is often the worst option for hummingbird water. If necessary, an extremely shallow bath can be reached by adding stones into the tub so the depth isn’t as good, and hummingbirds might make the most of it.

Here 4 ways to attracts hummingbirds



These are simple places for hummingbirds to perch get the most out of the water. Fountains with little bubblers and rough textures are the best choices, providing the bird’s plenty of room to get into the water.


Putting a mister to spray neighboring leaves is the very best way to offer water to hummingbirds. If the mist is mild enough, they might also fly through it, hover inside or otherwise acquire moist directly from the mister.


The birds may rub against the leaves or rocks to bathe or may stand beneath little drips to find the water directly. The sound from the dripper will also help attract different birds which hear the splashes.

Misting Sprinklers

Adding particular sprinkler heads to your yard or garden can produce a mist source which helps water pot or flowers and at the same time provides water to hummingbirds.



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