EcoGrain Oat Husk Pellet Non Clumping Cat Litter 10L Review

EcoGrain Oat Husk Pellet Non Clumping Cat Litter 10L

EcoGrain cat litter is a singular product that makes use of the pure by product of cereal manufacturing. The husk is the jacket across the grain that protects it from the skin world. The husk jacket is unzipped, and the grain emerges to go on to make your favorite breakfast cereals. We take these wonderful little jackets which can be left behind and make them into the standard cat litter that you can find contained in the bag. The product has a number of advantages. Solely pure materials used, extremely absorbent, low mud formulation, light-weight, 100% biodegradable, extremely absorbent, odour management, sustainably sourced, lengthy lasting, no synthetic fragrances and environmentally pleasant. Utilizing a clear litter tray, fill the tray with EcoGrain Cat Litter to a depth of Four-5cm. The pellets take in then break up and assist comprise odours. Utilizing a litter scoop commonly take away the damaged up pellets and strong waste. Each 2-Three weeks take away the litter, empty the tray and wash. This cat litter will be disposed of right into a bin or compost bin. For Cats, not Kittens. Components: 100% Grain husk Approximate Dimensions (Product): 47 x 25 x 10cm

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