Guide: Pick The Perfect Bird Cage For Beginner

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There are lots of species of pet birds, which range from the tiny lineolate parakeet to the big hyacinth macaw. Each bird has different housing requirements in regards to the appropriate cage size and type of cage. Below are five tips to consider when choosing a new home for your feathered friend.


Always buy the largest size cage that you can afford and fit in your home. Minimum cage size recommendations are the absolute smallest size of crate your bird could live in. When buying a cage, particularly a bigger cage, be certain that the bar spacing is best for your bird. A cage for a larger parrot that’s broad bar spacing isn’t acceptable for a small finch.

Avoid round pliers whenever possible. For smaller, flighted birds, the duration of the cage is much more significant than the height, since this allows room for the birds to fly. There are various cages on the marketplace that function well as flight cages for smaller birds.

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The spacing of the bars is a very important element to consider when looking for your pet parrot. Inappropriate sized spacing may pose a hazard and allow your pet to receive his wings, beak, neck, or other portion of its body trapped between the bars. For parrots, bars which are horizontally oriented are significant as this enables them to use their beak and feet to climb. For smaller birds such as finches and canaries which don’t use their beaks and feet to scale, the orientation of the bars is much less important.


Do not skimp on care quality due to the purchase price. Find the maximum quality cage you can spend within your budget. A top quality cage should last you and your bird for a long time to come. An excellent cage should be a brand that’s existed for years and provides care and support to your cage in the long run. Many solid companies like A & E and Kings offer replacement parts for their cages also. Remember to pick a cage color and design that fits your aesthetic requirements as well & bear in mind that whatever cage you select will become a part of your home decor.

Select a cage that’s easy to keep. You want a cage that’s powder coated or made from stainless steel. We have many varieties of cages which may be found that will agree with your bird’s needs.

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