Koi Tips: How do Koi Fish Mate?

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Koi breeding is a fun but can sometimes be quite hard since Koi fish grows rather large and since you’ll need to have great parents to create quality Koi offspring. This report is intended to explain some vital aspects from the breeding of Koi fish. All of the described facts are essential so please remember the order in which they are written.


The first consideration when breeding Koi is to acquire suitable fish. High-quality Koi will create the best quality offspring and you’ll need to decide on the parents after which sort of offspring that you want in relation to coloration and pattern. Only a very low percentage of the fry from the big batches will get high-quality Koi whatever the quality of the parents. Premium quality parents will, however, create a greater percentage quality fry. It’s recommendable to attempt to keep the bloodlines of you Koi kind clean to generate high-quality Koi fish.

Another aspect which should be taken into account while deciding on the indented parents is the age of the fish. Young Koi females produce eggs with very thin shells which may not endure; older fish, on the other hand, may produce eggs with too hard shells which the sperm can not penetrate them. The ideal era of a Koi that is used for breeding is 4-5 years but effective breeding may be possible with fish that are around 15 years old.

You should however never use two or more men since they may become overly aggressive and hurt the feminine if more than two men are used.

The best time of the year to breed Koi if it’s done in doors out differs depending on where you reside in the world it’s, however, recommendable to use a period of the year once the temperature difference between different times of the day is as smallest. Koi breeding is most likely to be successful during a full moon because this helps trigger the fish to spawn.

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