Is Cat Scratch Disease Contagious?

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Cat scratch disease isn’t contagious from person to person. The germs are spread by the scratch or bite of an infected animal, most often a kitty. They can also spread if the animal’s saliva (saliva) comes in contact with someone’s eye or through broken skin. Sometimes multiple instances happen in precisely the exact same household, usually through contact with the exact same infected animal.

Conclusion: is cat scratch disease contagious?

If you are worried about cat scratch disease, you don’t need to eliminate the family pet. The illness isn’t common and usually is mild, and a couple of steps can help restrict your kids’ chances of contracting it.

Teach kids to steer clear of unknown or stray cats to reduce their exposure to sources of these bacteria. To lower the probability of getting the disease from a family pet or familiar cat, children should avoid rough play to keep from being scratched or bitten.

If your child is scratched by a pet, wash the injured area well with soap and water. Maintaining the home and your pet free of fleas will lower the risk that your cat could become infected with the bacteria in the first location.

If you suspect that someone caught cat scratch disease from your household pet, do not worry that your cat will need to be euthanized (put to sleep). Talk to your vet about how to take care of the problem.

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