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The Maine Coon’s behaviour, personality, and devotion are particularly doglike for a cat. A modern breed relatively, its development goes back just over two hundred years. It really is one of the largest breeds of local house cat, with males growing up to 18 pounds at maturity, and it is the only cat that can be claimed to be truly North American in origin.

While it began with the American Northeast, its personality managed to get a popular house pet, and its own hunting skills let it earn its keep as a mouser. It really is a long-haired breed, having developed to survive chilly eastern winters. The coat is coarser than other longhaired breeds so that it doesn’t tangle as easily, and therefore requires less frequent grooming. The dense, bushy tail, approximately the space of your body, roughly, is used for both agility and balance while hunting so that as insulation to remain warm while at rest.

Despite its current popularity, the breed’s true origin remains uncertain, although many myths have arisen to account for its appearance. The Genetic Impossibility theory suggests it arose from crossing local domestic felines with bobcats (or, as the name suggests, raccoons, presumably detailing the breed’s large size, directed ear tips, and bushy tail.) The Intimate theory would posit a French connection suggesting Marie Antoinette attemptedto escape France during the Revolution, packaging her items, including several longhaired felines, on a New England-bound ship. This theory gets the dispatch arriving without her (decapitation having triggered her to rethink her travel plans), but transporting her cats, which presumably proceeded to breed with the neighborhood short-haired cat inhabitants.

A far more likely description is that the Maine Coon is because evolution and natural selection at the job: the success of the fittest. Cats have been popular and useful pets for centuries, both onboard ships and on farms as mousers. The entrance in New Britain of individuals from all across Europe blended larger, short-haired cats from mainland European countries with stockier, longhaired types from Scandinavia and the north. Years of advancement produced a cat well equipped to survive severe winters.

The Maine Coon’s popularity skyrocketed in the later 1800s, where it won many Best in Show categories at major cat shows in New York, Boston, and Chicago. But its reputation dwindled at the turn of the century with the launch of exotic long-haired breeds like the Persian and Himalayan, to a point where it was labelled extinct in the 1950s. Yet cat fanciers were able to resurrect the breed and restore it to its prior levels of popularity, @[rendering it now the next most popular breed in THE UNITED STATES. No wonder it’s said cats have nine lives!

Maine Coon Pictures

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