Small Dog With Big Ears

Small Dog With Big Ears That You Might Not Know

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Maybe there are some people who don’t know yet that there is a type of small dog with big ears. In addition to adorable, the dogs of this breed are also easy to maintain because the body is small. Here below a small dog with big ears:

Small Dog With Big Ears

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is famous for beautiful eyes, its expressive along with its own long ears. Its skull is horizontal and its muzzle is conical in shape. Though they are little, their own body is muscle and strength. Their coat is long and silky and generally, comes in tan and black, chestnut on white (Blenheim), and crimson. Their tail may be docked. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel serves as a flat dog, given it is given walks.


The Chihuahua is famous large eyes, large ears, with its small size and its personality. Some have found that the Chihuahua isn’t really a puppy but a descended of rats. It’s a robust breed, though small in size and body. The body is then its elevation, and also the coat can be short or long depending upon the variety. Colors include brown. This puppy breed is still one of the most popular.


The elongated silhouette, although dachshunds are well-known for their size. They are affectionate and have energy. They’re also famous for being curious and can result in mischief. As Dachshunds, being lively, may be tough to train, if you’re looking you are better off having another strain.

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Papillons are little dogs that weigh under 10 pounds. They are often referred to as little spaniels, however, they are not afraid to do anything that a dog would do. Paps are called therapy dogs, possess above average monitoring skills, and are rather good with agility.

Miniature Pinscher

The Miniature Pinscher is among the breeds that are most dynamic. Probing and adventurous, this puppy has to be kept inside areas from running after other creatures of its own size to keep it. This breed requires socialization and more instruction than.

English Toy Spaniel

The English Toy Spaniel is tender and sweet. They are cheerful, tender and lively. Sometimes they can get shy. The English Toy Spaniel is going to be social to people who approach them in a way that is loving. The strain is smart and extremely well-behaved.

Cesky Terrier

The Cesky Terrier is a short-legged dog with a shaggy coat. Its region is hairy, such as its own eyebrows. Though they have a body that is very long, it isn’t heavy. The mind, while isn’t overly so. The ears are triangular in shape and are near the head. Cesky Terriers are inclined to be calm inside and are excellent apartment dogs.

Chinese Crested

The Chinese Crested is not likely to outbursts of electricity, and the bald variety could be quite the conversation piece. It’s two kinds — that the hairless breed which just has hair on the head, feet and tail, along with also the “powder-puff” strain which has a long coat. Their body size may vary from small and they have a skull, a muzzle, black eyes, and ears that are huge. Both types come blended, or solid, seen.