Lovely Maine Coon Dog

The Maine Coon Cat is the native American long-haired cat and was initially recognized as a specific breed in Maine where it was named the official cat of the state. These cats were kept in high respect by the locals for his or her mousing talents and special tournaments were even held to reward the […]

Lovely Maine Coon Cat Colors

Maine Coons were originally prized as skilled mousers on New Great britain farms. There are numerous legends about the origins of the Maine Coon. One of the wildest ones is that they are the product of interbreeding between your American bobcat and local cats brought to North America on sailing boats that came to the […]

Lovely Maine Coon Characteristics

The Maine Coon cat is one of the biggest domesticated breeds of felines. The roots of the Maine Coon, however, are shrouded in secret. Although genetically impossible, one misconception keeps that the cat is the result of breeding between cats and raccoons; another state governments that Marie Antoinette, the Queen of France, attempted to flee […]