What Cat Breed is DSH?

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Among the most popular cat breeds in the world is that the Domestic Shorthair, which can be commonly known as DSH. But this isn’t a single recognized breed. Instead, a Domestic Shorthair cat is one with a mixed ancestry.

However, the breed didn’t make its way to America before the Pilgrims took a few of those cats on the Mayflower for purposes of rodent management.

The Domestic Shorthair has a strong hunting instinct and will happily spend a few hours daily tracking victim, even though it’s been well fed and doesn’t have to hunt so as to eat and survive.

This breed’s character varies widely from 1 cat to another. Again, this is the consequence of the fact that it’s truly a mixed breed with numerous genes that may affect not just the cat’s appearance, but also its own temperament. Some have more energy, while some can be more laid back. In the end, however, a well-socialized kitten will grow up to be an amazing lifelong companion in any cat loving household.

Therefore, keeping your eye on your Domestic Shorthair cat’s weight and meal parts is vital.


Because of their mixed ancestry, Domestic Shorthairs come in a broad selection of colors and patterns. Concerning size, males are usually larger than females, but they all typically feature round heads, medium length tails, and round paws.

These cats have well-proportioned bodies also, despite the fact that they can come in a wide assortment of sizes, they are generally moderate, or average, concerning height and weight.

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