Where to Place Bird Bath? Here Some Idea

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From the wild, birds obtain their water from where they could find it… ponds, puddles, as well as the cupped leaves of plants following a rain. You can bring the beauty of local and transient birds in your life when you provide them access to water near your house or apartment. If you can adapt a man-made pond or stream on your property, they will soon seek it out and return regularly. However, for a lot of people, space concerns rule these out. Luckily, a birdbath can be set up virtually anywhere.


They need little maintenance, and birds are comfortable in them. A shallow birdbath, or one with a gentle incline into the center, let them wade in. The deepest level shouldn’t be over three inches. Because birds like to have secure footing, the base of the basin-style birdbath shouldn’t be too smooth — textured surfaces are the most desirable. If you’re able to add a dripper into the birdbath, it may attract even more birds, because they love moving water. Hint: put some big clean stones inside to give smaller birds secure access, also.

Placement Matters

A birdbath won’t be popular if it’s placed in the midst of an open lawn where birds will feel vulnerable. A wet bird can’t fly fast and requires close cover from predators. Instead, put your birdbath near an “escape route” — a tree, shrub, or weapon where birds can take cover if startled.

Placed atop a base, a birdbath delivers a feeling of safety and stability. Also popular are birdbaths made to hang from a tree.

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Put the birdbath where you could see it from inside… from your desk, dining room, or kitchen. To make your birdbath effortless to wash and clean make sure it’s within easy reach of your garden hose.

Change the water every few days, or even daily in hot weather. Dump it out or rinse it out with a strong flow from your hose.

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