Why Dog Pees in House? Here 5 Reasons

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House soiling is a frequent problem among dogs, but frequently one which is solved early on through puppyhood. Here are a couple of possible underlying behavioral and behavioral causes for improper urination in dogs.

Here 5 reason why dog pees in house

1. Marking

According to Dr. Radosta, dogs indicate for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, as soon as they begin it can quickly develop into a routine — urinating small amounts in very specific areas around the home. It could even cause other family dogs (and occasionally cats) to indicate the areas also. Dr. Radosta recommends identifying the routine for stress or anxiety and removing the stressor.

2. Medical Disorders

If that is true, they’ll go where they happen to be standing.

3. Overexcitement

Instead, they exhibit joyous behavior like wiggling, jiggling, and jumping as they thankfully urinate on the ground. This often contributes to the spraying of urine everywhere.

4. Submission/Fear

Submissive urination can be shown in any age of the dog, even though it is most frequently seen in puppies. According to Dr. Radosta, it normally occurs when someone leans over, reaches for or scolds the dog. Additionally, the dog may seem friendly and comfortable at first, but as soon as the interactions with the individual get too frightening they immediately show submissive behavior and might urinate.

5. Improper House Training

If your dog wasn’t officially taught that outside was the only correct solution for urination, it is not reasonable to expect the dog to urinate just outside,” says Dr. Radosta.


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