How Long Do Tabby Cats Live

How Long Do Tabby Cats Live

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People sometimes call the average domestic cat a Tabby, but Tabby isn’t a cat breed – it is actually the pattern of kitty’s coat. And it is the most common of all feline coat patterns. Technically speaking, no real matter what color or markings you see on your own cat, all felines contain the tabby cat gene. Other colors or patterns might hide those tabby markings, but they’re always present.

Sometimes you can view those faint tabby markings on a solid-colored cat who is sitting in the bright sun. And have you ever seen a solid red or orange or cream cat with no familiar tabby markings? You won’t, as the gene which makes a cat red or cream also makes the tabby markings visible.

All tabbies have thin pencil lines on the faces, expressive markings around the eyes, and a definite letter “M” on their foreheads. Some believe the “M” is for Mau, the term for “cat” in ancient Egypt. The others think the “M” means Mohammed, who loved tabbies. Still, the others believe it is the blessing of the Virgin Mary.

How long do Tabby Cats live

Most cats – including people that have tabby patterns – live as long as 15 or twenty years, some older. Just as with humans and other animals, exercise and diet have significant amounts of influence on lifespan. A cat that eats an excessive amount of or gets a nutritionally inadequate diet or significantly less than optimal exercise is at risk for health issues like cardiovascular disease, arthritis, and diabetes, that could contribute to an early on death. Give your cat the longest life his genetics allow by feeding proper levels of a healthy, veterinarian-recommended diet and ensuring he gets a lot of indoor exercises to keep him fit even when you cannot be there. Offering him things to climb on or play with will stimulate his muscles and brain – helping him stay physically and mentally fit.

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How long do Tabby Cats live indoors

Indoor cats live longer – period. Outdoor cats live only 2 or 3 years normally compared with about seven times that length for indoor cats. The causes are simple, though varied. Outdoor cats face hazards indoor cats seldom or never encounter, like traffic, communicable feline diseases, predation, traps, extreme weather, dog attacks and pet theft. The more of these potentially life-threatening dangers you can avoid, the longer your pet will live. Given a stable, interesting and loving the home environment, an indoor cat will thrive.

Tabby Cats personality

1.Tabby cats are far more loving and affectionate than other cats. Most cats and other animals of the cat family remain aloof. Nevertheless, this is not the case with tabby cats. They love humans and particularly like someone within the family. Just like we now have different affection levels towards different people, tabby cats too choose their favorites. A tabby cat may be more responding to you than to your sister.

2.Tabby cats are playful and want to stay merry. They prefer to play games or play with other pets in the home. They also get popular among other pets in the family. Parrots, for example, can be great friends of a tabby cat. Kids love tabby cats and they reciprocate this affection.

3.Tabby cats can be moody. They can be quite playful sometimes and then become shy. They could have inherited such nature from humans. It is not that most tabby cats have similar personality faculties. Each cat has a different personality. Some tabby cats are lazy, some very enthusiastic, some like to stay indoors although some may want to roam around often times a day.

4.The upbringing of a Tabby cat affects its nature. The kind of people who they live with and the way they have now been brought up can play an important role in shaping their personality.

5.Tabby cats attach preference to things. That’s, they like certain things and if they have been not allowed to complete, they can get angry or annoyed. They might like a particular room or a particular place in the house, play with one individual and disregard the others and traits that way.