How To Tell If Your Cat Is A Maine Coon

How To Tell If Your Cat Is A Maine Coon

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Cats with long fur are confused for Maine Coons, simply because people don’t know that characteristic of Maine Coons. Do bear in mind that if your cat does have some of these traits, they might not be a purebred Maine Coon, and maybe a combination of a few breeds. Needless to say, this doesn’t make your kitten or cat any special, and she or he will be a friend which you love and can love.

Being one of the cat breeds for families, it’s not surprising that the Maine Coon cat is growing ever more popular. But what about those who adopt cats? How do they know if they have adopted a Maine Coon cat? In reality, odds are slim that a shelter would have a Maine Coon, however, the possibility is that they will have Maine Coon mixes for adoption. How to tell if your cat is a Maine Coon mix? Characteristics and the traits will help you to determine if your beloved feline is a Maine Coon mix.

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Maine Coon kitten characteristics


Most of the time, cats who are Maine Coons is going to have a rectangular figure, meaning that the muscles through the body’s dimensions and shape provide them a strong shape, rather than an oblong or very sleek build. This may differ if your cat is a mix, but the majority of the time a kitty with Maine Coon in the heritage will have a very strong build.


Another identifying characteristic of this Maine Coon cat is its coat and fur around the neck that’s called a ruff, which looks like a lion’s mane. The coat is longer on beneath and top, giving the colors of the fur pattern and measurement instead of uniformity.

The fur of your kitty will be moderate to long, and rather shaggy. The majority of the time will shed all over the home if your cat is an indoor cat, and will grow thicker in the Winter and thin out slightly throughout the Summer months. This will vary and the very long fur can change during the Summertime, but that does not mean that your cat isn’t of this breed.

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Maine Coons will have a tail covered in thick fur. They, therefore, are docile and calm, unlike many other breeds, around people, and maintain their tails and bodies proudly.

The tail of the Maine Coon cat should be at least long as the chest and is very long, furry, feathery.


The eyes of kittens and cat in this breed are large, and are said to have a look to them. This may mean that the eyes of the cats are large and the size gives them an look.

Maine Coon Personalities

As cats within this breed are very outgoing and fun-loving, the character is a factor of the strain. They are love and hunters to play with strings and anything else they can find. Although you might wind up with a number of different kinds of animals on your doorstep this makes them excellent for mousing and searching creatures.