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What Is That Semi Aggressive Freshwater Fish

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You might have seen tropical fish tagged as semi-aggressive and wondered whether they had been smart choices for your freshwater aquarium. This tag can be confusing, and not all fish make it.

When a fish is tagged semi-aggressive it normally means, under the ideal conditions, the fish could be very aggressive.

Under the conditions, on the other hand, a fish can be docile. While we can not know precisely what a fish will do, we could predict with a reasonable amount of success they will react because of habits and their character. If we inventory our tanks sensibly this means, even a species could be a community fish.

What is that semi aggressive freshwater fish

Rainbow Shark

They can get tough in some specific conditions, although these men are fish. Since they might not endure each other be careful of getting more than just one per tank. You will also need to steer clear of other fish which appear similar, like Bala Sharks (more about these later). You can’t need your Rainbow Shark to be the bully on the block. It is ideal to house him wither his size other species or bigger, that he cannot push around.

small aggressive freshwater fish


Schooling fish

Schooling fish are small aggressive freshwater fish, and since they should be in massive groups they tend to have a little anxious in tank configurations. When tank conditions are not perfect even neons can get at each other. Needless to say, neons are not considered semi-aggressive when they were larger it might be a different story, although since they can not do damage to fish in the tank.


If you choose to keep gouramis be sure you’ve got a lot of hiding spots decides to pick on another. They may get along and sometimes the fish might decide it does not need the anywhere close to it. As you can imagine, this is extremely stressful for the fish that is weaker and can result in death. Less frequently, and fish species may torment too if the tank is overcrowded.

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You see plecos. Can they be? Particularly when there is food in the water, usually but when their demands are met they can get competitive. As a supplement to the tank algae, they will eat Plecos need loads of wafers, and it is a fantastic idea. You should have no issues if you’re meeting with the demands of your pleco. If not, you might see him lashing out at fish.


Leopard Bush Fish

This is one of my favorites and a fish. It’s also highly predatory and will eat. As its character makes it an easy target, it shouldn’t be kept with species. But, it may exhibit aggressive behaviors toward other anabantids, such as gouramis. Tank mates that are finest are any fish that are big enough that they can’t be eaten by it!



Freshwater angelfish are new-world cichlids, and cichlids are normally semi aggressive cichlids fish. They might or might not get along well with others of their sort, and they might be aggressive toward small fish. Consider tank mates like schooling fish and gouramis such as tetras or neons. Do not overstock the tank, and ensure that the water conditions are pristine.